Anoki is a conceptual women’s clothing brand, based on minimalism and heritage from Armenian culture.

The identity of Anoki Studio is defined by two concepts: minimalism and heritage of Armenian culture, transposed into a modern vision of fashion.

Sophisticated and clean silhouettes with a touch of rather subtle ethnic symbology. Exploring the national heritage of her home country, founder and creative director Anna Farsadanyan delicately works with Armenian ethnic symbols, cultural codes, script and language, and reinvents them in a modern way.


At Anoki we believe in the importance of an ethical attitude towards nature and production. For this reason, we design high-quality products that are built to last, using carefully considered material and pattern making techniques.

We are against mass production and storage of things. We give value to the material and the hands of our creators who carefully work with each piece. Therefore we produce in limited quantities and most parts are made to order in advance.




We are very attentive to details, from creating an original cut to selecting buttons and decorations. The details have a cultural meaning or originality and uniqueness. What is the main inspiration when creating any model.



The embodiment of the idea

It is a completely handmade product, from pattern development to sewing. Thus, Anoki’s silhouette is a reflection of its creator.




The main criteria when choosing a fabric is its feel and comfort: how it feels to the skin when the product is worn. Basically the main emphasis is on the use of natural fabrics, and when this is not possible we use blends, as some models require certain characteristics of the fabric. We strive to create the most comfortable and life-relevant clothing.